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The Nude Paper Sermon

The Nude Paper Sermon will be reviewed in the forthcoming Signal to Noise Magazine. The full article by William Gibson, A Nude Paper Rendezvous: Electronic Psychedelic Nonesuch, will be included in issue no.63. Here is a preview from the article:

“[The Nude Paper Sermon] is both of its time and still amazingly fresh. There are portions that sound like Gyorgy Ligeti’s music for 2001: A Space Odyssey. And there are moments that sound like free jazz. And there are moments that sound like nothing else I’ve ever heard.”

Date Posted // November 08, 2011
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Report on the CCO Colloquium and Salzman’s Radio Interview on WBAI

The Center for Contemporary Opera held a public panel or colloquium event on the subject of The New Music Theater in December at The Cell Theater in Manhattan with Eric Salzman, Thomas Desi and several distinguished colleagues—Rinde Eckert, Steven Osgood, Diane Wondisford and Grethe Barrett Holby. Salzman visited Vienna in mid-January and a similar panel was held at the Kunstlerhaus (Artist House) there with Thomas, the Italian composer Maurizio Squillante and Laura Berman of the artistic staff of the Bregenz Festival. Salzman also did a program on his own music theater work—with special emphasis on The Nude Paper Sermon, The True Last Words of Dutch Schultz, and Jukebox in the Tavern of Love—at the University two days later.

Also in December, the program Through the Opera Glass, hosted by Marc Laiosa on WBAI-FM, held an extended, three-hour interview with Salzman about his life and work, complete with generous musical excerpts (Salzman spent a couple of crucial periods of his life as music director of WBAI where he founded the legendary Free Music Store).