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Workshop Performance of Big Jim & the Small-Time Investors

An atelier or workshop performance of Big Jim & the Small-Time Investors—music by Eric Salzman, libretto by Salzman after a text by Ned Jackson—will take place at the Flea Theater, 41 White Street, Tribeca, New York City, on March 29th at 8:00pm. This new work is about an L.A. con man who claims to have invented a virtual reality machine which allows the user to see his wildest fantasies come true. Matt Morgan plays Jim, Laila Salins is his wife Kim, Scott Bearden is his manager Stan, Marni Nixon his Mom and there is an ensemble of 8. Antoine Laprise will direct and Michael Fennelly is the music director. The production is part of a week-long event at the Center for Contemporary Opera at The Flea that includes three other workshops and a special evening honoring John Cage’s 100th birthday. Grethe Holby directs performances of Cage’s Europera 5 and a staging of the Satie Socrate that uses his arrangements.

Date Posted // February 28, 2012
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Big Jim and the Small-Time Investors

The Center for Contemporary Opera (CCO) will produce a workshop version of Big Jim and the Small-Time Investors, a new opera or music-theater work currently in progress. The piece (libretto by Ned Jackson and Eric Salzman, music by Salzman), based on a real story, concerns an L.A. con man who persuades investors to put substantial amounts of money into the development of his invention: a virtual reality headset which enables viewers to imagine that their deepest dreams have come true. The workshop production is scheduled for next fall.

Date Posted // April 04, 2011
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