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Performance Dates in Latvia

Eric Salzman’s Brecht Suite, Accord, and tangos of the rediscovered composer Oscar Strok (arranged by Salzman) are included in a program of Latvian ballads that is currently touring in Latvia. Performed with Laila Salins as vocalist and a string trio that includes members of Quartet Undertango. This program is a collaboration between the Center for Contemporary Opera in New York and the Music and Art Support Foundation in Riga, Latvia. Read the article from the Latvian Times

Friday, August 27, 8pm

The Clay Castle Manor

Saturday, August 28, 10:30pm

3rd International Argentinian Tango Festival (Tango SunFestival)

Sunday, August 29, 4pm

The Dikls Castle – Broken LinkDetails and Tickets

Saturday, September 4, 6pm

The White Grand Recital Hall (Baltais Fligelis), Sigulda

Friday, September 7th, 8pm

Aizkraukle Cultural Center

Thursday, September 9th, 8pm

Beta Novuss (Floating Arts Center) AB Dam, Riga

Friday, September 10, 7pm

Kuldiga Cultural Center

Saturday, September 11, 5pm

Dobeles Cultural Center

Sunday, September 12th, 5pm

Cesis Exhibition Hall

Date Posted // August 05, 2010
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Accord/Discord in Latvia

Salzman will be taking Accord/Discord to Latvia in late August and September for a series of performances, lectures, and workshops. The tour will include three concerts in three outlying towns of Riga on the weekend of August 27–29, a concert in Riga on September 4, lectures on September 6 and 9, and a final set of three concerts in three outlying towns on the weekend of September 10–12.

Date Posted // July 18, 2010
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Postponed Performances

The projected performance of Cassandra (text by Eva Salzman) by Kristin Norderval scheduled for this summer as part of the Vox Clamans Festival has been postponed until next season with the new date to be announced.

The projected performance of Accord/Discord—including Accord, for solo accordionist, Brecht Suite, and arrangements of Latvian and Argentine tangos—scheduled for performance at the Music Festival of the Hamptons this summer has also been postponed with a new date to be announced.

Date Posted // June 02, 2010
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Performances of Salzman’s Brecht Suite and Accord

On December 2nd, 3rd and 4th, Salzman’s Brecht Suite of music from a French-language production of the Brecht Good Person of Szechuan, and Salzman’s solo accordion work, Accord, will be performed at the cell theatre on 23rd Street in New York’s Chelsea district. The Brecht Suite will be performed by Laila Salins, mezzo, William Schimmel, accordion (the same two who performed it last June at the Southampton Cultural Center) with Machiko Osawa and Marc Levin, violins, and Leo Grinhauz, cello.

Accord is a solo piece written for Schimmel which not only requires him to play classical, pop and virtuoso accordion but also to stroll, sing, laugh and even break down crying. The program also includes a solo piece by Schimmel, a set of Latvian drinking songs and tangos, and a set of tangos by Osvaldo Pugliese—perhaps the greatest of all the classic Argentine tangeros. The concert is at 8:00pm and is part of the Center for Contemporary Opera’s 2009–2010 season. Read the full press release (PDF).

Date Posted // November 06, 2009
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