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New Releasings

Labor Records in collaboration with Naxos is releasing a series of recordings of my work covering more than half a century! The most recent release is "Jukebox in the Tavern of Love" paired with a new work by Meredith Monk. "The Nude Paper Sermon" and "Wiretap" is a double album containing no fewer than five works; see below for details. "Civilization & its Discontents" is a words-and-music collaboration with Michael Sahl. More information, reviews and ordering (physical or digital editions) is available below or by going to Labor Records.

Jukebox in the Tavern of Love Nude Paper Sermon - Wiretap Civilization Discontents

Doug Briscoe’s comments on musicians born on Sept. 8

This is from Doug Briscoe’s article on musicians born on September 8th (the best-known being Antonin Dvorak).

“And the September 8 stars just keep coming: French organist and composer Nicolas de Grigny (baptized September 8, 1672 – November 30, 1703), French composer François Francœur (8 September 1698 – 5 August 1787), Swedish opera singer Carl Stenborg (1752 – 1 August 1813), Italian soprano (and second wife of Verdi) Giuseppina Strepponi (1815 – 14 November 1897), British pianist and writer on music Lionel Salter (1914 – 1 March 2000), German conductor Christoph von Dohnányi (born 8 September 1929), American composer and fellow Facebooker Eric Salzman (1933), the late Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (8 September 1934 – 14 March 2016)…”

Date Posted // September 11, 2017
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An Interview Reappears

An interview that I did with Bob Gluck a number of years back has now reappeared in issue #18.3 of eContact!, a Canadian journal that describes itself as an “Online Journal of Electroacoustic Practices” (but has a much wider reach than that description would suggest). The interview, slightly reworked as a first person narrative, covers my activities at free-form radio station WBAI (especially the Free Music Store), New Image of Sound, the founding of Quog Music Theater and leading up to the American Music Theater Festival which I started in the early 1980s. The link to the piece is

Date Posted // December 20, 2016
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