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Doug Briscoe’s comments on musicians born on Sept. 8

This is from Doug Briscoe’s article on musicians born on September 8th (the best-known being Antonin Dvorak).

“And the September 8 stars just keep coming: French organist and composer Nicolas de Grigny (baptized September 8, 1672 – November 30, 1703), French composer François Francœur (8 September 1698 – 5 August 1787), Swedish opera singer Carl Stenborg (1752 – 1 August 1813), Italian soprano (and second wife of Verdi) Giuseppina Strepponi (1815 – 14 November 1897), British pianist and writer on music Lionel Salter (1914 – 1 March 2000), German conductor Christoph von Dohnányi (born 8 September 1929), American composer and fellow Facebooker Eric Salzman (1933), the late Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (8 September 1934 – 14 March 2016)…”

Date Posted // September 11, 2017
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An Interview Reappears

An interview that I did with Bob Gluck a number of years back has now reappeared in issue #18.3 of eContact!, a Canadian journal that describes itself as an “Online Journal of Electroacoustic Practices” (but has a much wider reach than that description would suggest). The interview, slightly reworked as a first person narrative, covers my activities at free-form radio station WBAI (especially the Free Music Store), New Image of Sound, the founding of Quog Music Theater and leading up to the American Music Theater Festival which I started in the early 1980s. The link to the piece is

Date Posted // December 20, 2016
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