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the new release(s)

The official release¬† of two of my Labor/Naxos CD albums — The Nude Paper Sermon and the four pieces that make up Wiretap (Helix, Wiretap, Larynx Music and Queens Collage) — took place right in the middle of Hurricane Sandy! These are music-theater works: a big one for actor, Renaissance ensemble, singing voices and electronic sounds (with Stacy Keach and the Nonesuch Ensemble conducted by Josh Rifkin) and four shorter works also featuring voices in various ways (and featuring countertenor Bill Zukof, soprano Elise Ross and many others).

Even though they’ve just been released now, there are already some great notices.¬† You can get more information, hear excerpts, read reviews and find out how to order from the Labor Records site <>. This is the second release in the Labor/Naxos series of my works.

Date Posted // November 08, 2012
In Categories // News